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Manuscript Assessment by Louise Cusack

Louise Cusack is an “International award winning fantasy author whose best-selling Shadow through Time trilogy with Simon & Schuster Australia was selected by the Doubleday Book Club as their ‘Editors Choice’.” Aside from her work as a writer, Louise also provides other writers a manuscript assessment service aimed at improving their work.

We’ve asked Louise to share a little bit about what to expect from a manuscript assessment and how she can help you improve your work. You can also see her guest post about manuscript assessment on Ian Irvine‘s blog. Enjoy!

From Louise:

I’ve done hundreds of  assessments in the last eight years and have helped three novelists along the way to publication, as well as steering many writers towards competition wins.  A manuscript assessment won’t guarantee publication, but I certainly believe it’s a short cut for those who have problems with their stories that they can’t see or don’t know how to fix.  One thing it’s not is a quick-fix for lazy writers.  An assessor doesn’t ‘edit’ the manuscript.  Instead they tell you what isn’t working and how to fix it, but you need to do the work yourself.  So it’s really only an option for those with the passion and determination to keep editing, to keep believing in themselves and to persist.  Because the honest truth is that those four virtues: passion, determination, self-belief and persistence are far more important than any advice an assessor  could give you.  But having said that, if you’re interested, check out my Manuscript Development page.  I’m currently assessing novel manuscripts in the genres of Fantasy, Romance, Young Adult and Mainstream.  And look out for my Shadow Through Time fantasy trilogy which is scheduled for release early 2012 with Momentum Books.

Happy writing!

Louise Cusack

writing romantic adventures set in lost worlds

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