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Anthology II 2012 – Writers wanted!

Anthology II 2012

Holiday Season in Melbourne (Australia)

Brought to you by the Melbourne Writers’ Social Group

Sponsored by The Story Mint

Last year we developed a small book of short stories for Valentine’s Day. Some of those stories were sweet and others not so sweet. This year we are kicking off another anthology with all stories themed for the coming holiday season in Melbourne, Australia.

You don’t need to live in Melbourne or even have visited this great city, but you do have to at least include in your story something that everyone will immediately understand is solely a Melbourne thing.

Added to that, we would like you to get into the festive spirit and write something that involves the holiday season in December. Whether it be something about Christmas, New Year’s Day, holidays, camping over the holidays, carnivals – such as the ones that run on the Melbourne Peninsula over the holidays season – or anything else you want that involves December in Melbourne.

You are not ruled by any genre and you are certainly not limited to just the merry times over December.

You are however limited by word count and time.

Word count for stories (fiction or non-fiction): 1500 words maximum.

There is no minimum, however we would prefer you try and aim for approximately 1500 words.

If you intend to submit a poem then the word count is different: 500 words maximum.

Anything above these amounts will not be accepted.

Please pay very close attention to the following due dates.

First, we would like you to write something now and have a third draft ready before the end of October 2012.

Then, we would like you to post it to the Writers’ Pad on The Story Mint website: http://www.thestorymint.com/writers-pad

Please then watch for feedback from other writers.

That’s the first step in the editing process of your story.

Next, take note of what people mention about your story. Reply to comments to make sure you understand and that others agree with said comments. Lastly, take action by adjusting your story, as you see fit.

Please then email your story to suraya@thestorymint.com

Please include in the subject heading: Anthology II 2012, your name, and the title.

Your story will probably not be accepted on the first try. That’s okay, Suraya has agreed to include a couple of notes on what you need to do to improve the story for your readers.

Lastly, once your story has been redrafted, please submit by the 20th of November midnight, Melbourne, Australia time.

I should also warn everyone that there is a limit of submissions. Not because we want to put a limit on how many stories we add to the anthology, but because our volunteers can only process a limited quantity of stories in their spare time before time runs short. Please therefore get your story in early. Weeks before the deadline would be helpful. If everyone sends their work in over the final few days, then only a few of those stories will be checked and entered into the anthology. So start writing now!

If you live in Melbourne please also attend our Tuesday meetings for further information.

We have also scheduled an anthology writing and editing day for the 21st of October in Melbourne. Please attend so that everyone can read each other’s work and give comments or support where needed.




– Cut off date for submissions: 20th November

– Delivery to our designer once checked: 4th December

– Launch date on ihadanidea.com.au & thestorymint.com: 11th December

– Launch on other websites such as smashwords and amazon: possibly 1-2 weeks later (the reason I wish to sell the anthology later on these sites is because I want smaller companies to get the most exposure. That’s why we’re doing this anthology, to give the less known people and companies a fair go!)

– Participants: Open to everyone.

The anthology is open to all people of all ages and any nationality. However, your story must be typed in English.

– One story submission per person.

– Maximum word limit is strictly 1500 words. 500 word maximum for poems.

– Fiction or non-fiction is allowed.

– These stories will be read by the general public, so please keep your story rated PG (it’s acceptable to go over PG, as long your story isn’t too graphic). A limited amount of profanity is okay.

– Stories to be submitted electronically to suraya@thestorymint.com

Please include in the subject heading: Anthology II 2012, your name, and the title.

– The theme is Melbourne (Australia) during the December holiday season. So please make sure there is at least some mention of Melbourne and something to do with Christmas, New Years Day, or some other festivity that occurs in Melbourne.

– All text to be submitted in Rich Text Format only (if using Word just save as rich text. In Indesign you will need to export as rich text). Regular single spacing. Please do not use indents, but instead line breaks for each paragraph. See example on the story mint serial: http://www.thestorymint.com/serials/dead-mans-ring.

– Please ensure that your story is of third draft standard before submitting. Otherwise you may find your work rejected.

– Stories are to formatted in 12 point Times Roman font.

– The story must be original and not published or posted elsewhere at least until the end of December 2012, Melbourne, Australian time. However, posting on a web site such as The Story Mint Writers’ Pad where you can get feedback is okay. And actually, it’s encouraged. The more feed back you get the better a decision you can make on what needs to be fixed. Check it out here: http://www.thestorymint.com/writers-pad

– Closing date for submissions is 20th November 2012. Please submit many weeks before that if you are able. If you are one of the last few to submit, you may miss out if volunteers become swamped in submissions over the last few days.

– At the editor’s discretion, your work may or may not be accepted into the 2012 anthology.

– Submit your story with your name and country.

– The anthology will be sold at 99 cents. Any money earned from downloads will be donated to The Story Mint so that they may continue to support us this year and for many years to come.







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  1. Elena callipari
    12 October 2012 at 12:52 pm

    Hi Mat,

    Sounds like a great opportunity!

    Holiday season in Melbourne: four seasons in one day; arts and culture festivals; summer in the city… where to start…

    Looking forward to the anthology.

  1. 12 October 2012 at 12:01 pm

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