Writers wanted!

Writers wanted! (click here)

Anthology II 2012

Holiday Season in Melbourne (Australia)

Brought to you by the Melbourne Writers’ Social Group

Sponsored by The Story Mint

Last year we developed a small book of short stories for Valentine’s Day. Some of those stories were sweet and others not so sweet. This year we are kicking off another anthology with all stories themed for the coming holiday season in Melbourne, Australia.

You are not ruled by any genre and you are certainly not limited to just the more merry times over December; feel free to use the horror genre, for example.

You are however limited by word count and time.

Word count for stories (fiction or non-fiction): 1500 words maximum.

There is no minimum. However we would prefer you try and aim for approximately 1500 words.

If you intend to submit a poem, then the word count is different: 500 words maximum.

Start submitting your story to the Writer’s Pad before the end of October so you can receive feedback and act on it before submissions close. Please also make sure it is at least your third draft.

The Story Mint website: http://www.thestorymint.com/writers-pad

For full details and conditions please visit: https://melbournewriters.wordpress.com/2012/10/12/anthology-ii-2012-writers-wanted/



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