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Money, Murder, Clowns, and Corruption

30 October 2015 Leave a comment

You haven’t seen Melbourne properly until you’ve experienced the show that gives you everything.

A show written by

Mat Clarke

Question: What kind of show are you looking for?
Answer: Something different. Something where I’m not just sitting around wondering when the show will end.

Question: What do you like about going to the cinemas?
Answer: I get food and drink while I’m being entertained.

Question: What would make a show better than just being there and watching?
Answer: Being involved in the show. Working out clues and puzzles to move further into the game.

Question: No, what would make this show even better???
Answer: If everyone was dressed up in the show, if there was a mystery to solve, if I got a drink during the show, if there was cake, if there was a mute clown, a weird reference to my childhood, and definitely a guy in a bow tie, oh and give me a finale that I will remember forever. And I want someone to serve us drinks, too.

And so it will be done.
Join us for “THE BAD MONEY”, it’s fun on a different playing field.

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