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Authoring Your Destiny

23 November 2011 Leave a comment

An article by Linda Morris, Writers are authoring their own destinies online, discusses the new roles that 21st century writers must engage to be successful. Beyond researching and writing their work, writers must also develop marketing, publicity, technology and legal skills to maintain self-employment.

With the exception of a few celebrity writers, most writers cannot depend on a publisher’s advance, royalties, public speaking fees, or freelance writing engagements to survive. “A professional writer is a very small business of one person,” the article quotes Hazel Edwards. “Those who are not businesslike are unlikely to survive.

To read the full article, visit The Age.


Building an Author Platform

26 October 2011 Leave a comment

More and more publishers want to see authors that have existing “platforms,” or essentially an audience of individuals or groups ready to purchase your work. This audience can come through your blogs, Twitter followers, podcasting subscriptions, and/or any other number of resources. Having a platform is another way to help differentiate your work as a writer, increase your chances of securing a publishing deal, and increase sales.

Joanna Penn, of The Creative Penn, has written a free eBook, Author 2.0, that details how to use free or inexpensive social networking and Web 2.0 tools to build your platform. For more details and to download her eBook, visit her website at

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