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Publish Your Book or Story

25 September 2017 Leave a comment

Not sure what to do with your book now that it is complete and edited?

Or maybe you’ve written some poetry or short stories and want to get it out there?

Or you need to establish a presence online as a writer, but creating a blog is getting you no where.

Well, now there is place you can go and join with other writers and attract readers to you!

Become one of the World Writers Collective members and change your status from unknown to KNOWN today!


Anthology of short stories III – Writers wanted!

14 December 2012 4 comments

Anthology III 2013

Themed: April Fools

Brought to you by the Melbourne Writers’ Social Group

Sponsored by the Story Mint




Read on to be a part of this amazing anthology of short stories.


All styles of writing are eligible for the anthology. Register between now and February 1st 2013. Create a great story and get it to a fully edited stage before March 2013.

All guidelines will be emailed to you after you register.


This is our third anthology of short stories and will be published on April 1st 2013. Themed April Fools.

Our anthologies are born from a different theme with each publication. The first being, Valentine’s Day (2012). As you would expect many of the tales were quite sweet. Yet, we also had stories that endevoured to chill the hearts of our reader’s.

Our following anthology was published December 2012, The Holiday Season in Melbourne. Each unique Melbourne tale satisfyingly different and touching on a wide variety of holiday seasoned themes.


You can download either of these anthologies online:


Anthology I:

Anthology II:


We don’t mind what genre you choose, but you must include some reference to April Fools, no matter how small. And a reference to Melbourne (Australia) must be included, even if in passing.

One submission per person only.

Word count for you story (fiction or non-fiction): 1000-2000 words. Unfortunately we can not have any exceptions to this rule. Even if it is one word outside of this limit your story will not be considered.

If you intend on submitting a poem, then the word count is different: 500 words maximum. No minimum.


Please register your interest to be involved with this anthology by emailing Mat Clarke:

Registration opens December 14 2012 and closes February 1st 11.59pm.

After you have emailed Mat Clarke you willll be contacted within 3 business days and emailed an easy to fill in form to read and complete.

The information emailed to you includes the process we go through to ensure we publish quality work. Please make sure you read the information carefully.

You can of course email Mat back if unsure about anything.


All money earned from the sales of the anthologies (a very small amount) is put back into running the next one and holding the weekly meetings and other events with the Melbourne Writers’ Social Group – which are free to attend :)Anthology II

April Fools

Brought to you by the Melbourne Writers’ Social Group

Sponsored by the Story Mint

Writers wanted!

12 October 2012 Leave a comment

Writers wanted! (click here)

Anthology II 2012

Holiday Season in Melbourne (Australia)

Brought to you by the Melbourne Writers’ Social Group

Sponsored by The Story Mint

Last year we developed a small book of short stories for Valentine’s Day. Some of those stories were sweet and others not so sweet. This year we are kicking off another anthology with all stories themed for the coming holiday season in Melbourne, Australia.

You are not ruled by any genre and you are certainly not limited to just the more merry times over December; feel free to use the horror genre, for example.

You are however limited by word count and time.

Word count for stories (fiction or non-fiction): 1500 words maximum.

There is no minimum. However we would prefer you try and aim for approximately 1500 words.

If you intend to submit a poem, then the word count is different: 500 words maximum.

Start submitting your story to the Writer’s Pad before the end of October so you can receive feedback and act on it before submissions close. Please also make sure it is at least your third draft.

The Story Mint website:

For full details and conditions please visit:



New publisher wants you!

10 November 2011 2 comments

Hey, if you would like to get to know a publisher while she is starting up, then see this note directly from her:

“If you are not yet a member of The Story Mint go to

and register. This is an ‘invite only’ as The Story Mint is still in its early developmental stage.”

There is an area you can submit a full length manuscript (novel) for her to consider.

A serial story that you can add to (although all chapters are taken for this current story – so maybe just give feedback on chapters already written, for now).

A place you can receive computer generated feedback on 250 words or so.

She is also looking for feedback on her site since it is only in its BETA stage and will need a lot of work before it is up and running correctly and is more appealing to the eye.

I hear the best way to getting published is to get involved with publishers that are just starting up. So now here’s your chance!!

P.S. The about page is not accessible currently for people without a username, therefore you have only what I wrote above as information to what you will find on the site. I’ll contact Suraya (the publisher in NZ) to see if she is willing to change this. You can also find here on LinkedIn if you want to chat to her first: or email at

e-Publishing 101

2 November 2011 8 comments

For those of you interested in getting into e-Publishing, Lindsay Buroker, self-proclaimed “indie ebook author” of a number of fantasy ebooks, has compiled together a fantastic primer to get you pointed in the right direction.

E-Publishing 101: How to Get Started

Lindsay covers everything from editing your work, creating cover art, formatting your book, getting it online, and then promoting it. She has links to a lot more detail on most of these topics and other useful links to get your ebook out there and into the hands of your audience!

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