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Writer Checks

28 November 2017 Leave a comment

Do you need someone to read over your work?

Have you exhausted all friends and family and you now don’t think they will be able to give you an objective view?

Would you like a point of view from someone from the other side of the world?

Is your dialogue working?

Is your first sentence going to catch people’s attention quickly enough?

Is the ending great?

Is the sentence structure ok?

Why not drop your story inside here and have someone read your work!

It’s FREE!

Read the READ ME file to find out more 🙂


Publish Your Book or Story

25 September 2017 Leave a comment

Not sure what to do with your book now that it is complete and edited?

Or maybe you’ve written some poetry or short stories and want to get it out there?

Or you need to establish a presence online as a writer, but creating a blog is getting you no where.

Well, now there is place you can go and join with other writers and attract readers to you!

Become one of the World Writers Collective members and change your status from unknown to KNOWN today!

Melbourne Writers Festival 2012 Program Launch – Win Passes!

18 July 2012 Leave a comment

Melbourne Writers Festival 2012 is a destination for the curiously minded. Running from 23 August to 2 September, British actor, writer and director, Simon Callow, will kick off this year’s festival with a celebration of the bicentenary of Charles Dickens in his Opening Night Keynote address. The festival will also deliver a literary coup, bringing an all-star team from the internationally iconic magazine The New Yorker to Melbourne.

To celebrate this year’s festival, we’re giving away two double passes to any regular event of your choice (subject to availability). Simply email your name and details to, with the subject ‘Melbourne Writers Festival’ by 25 July 2012 for your chance to win!

The official program will be launched this Friday, 20 July 2012, but e-bulletin subscribers will have access a day early for those of you who are keen to get a sneak peek.  Subscribe to their e-bulletin today!

Writers Bloc – critiquing

5 December 2011 Leave a comment

Are you looking for constructive criticism for your work? 

If so perhaps a Writers Bloc group may be what you are looking for!

Writers Bloc are a community of writers that get together across Australia to discuss writing they have been working on.

Essentially, groups are made up of 6-8 people and each month 2 people send writing a week in advance so it can be discussed.

Each writer gets about 45-60 minutes of constructive feedback.

All writing styles are welcome.

Groups are currently being run in Sydney and Melbourne.

Authoring Your Destiny

23 November 2011 Leave a comment

An article by Linda Morris, Writers are authoring their own destinies online, discusses the new roles that 21st century writers must engage to be successful. Beyond researching and writing their work, writers must also develop marketing, publicity, technology and legal skills to maintain self-employment.

With the exception of a few celebrity writers, most writers cannot depend on a publisher’s advance, royalties, public speaking fees, or freelance writing engagements to survive. “A professional writer is a very small business of one person,” the article quotes Hazel Edwards. “Those who are not businesslike are unlikely to survive.

To read the full article, visit The Age.

New publisher wants you!

10 November 2011 2 comments

Hey, if you would like to get to know a publisher while she is starting up, then see this note directly from her:

“If you are not yet a member of The Story Mint go to

and register. This is an ‘invite only’ as The Story Mint is still in its early developmental stage.”

There is an area you can submit a full length manuscript (novel) for her to consider.

A serial story that you can add to (although all chapters are taken for this current story – so maybe just give feedback on chapters already written, for now).

A place you can receive computer generated feedback on 250 words or so.

She is also looking for feedback on her site since it is only in its BETA stage and will need a lot of work before it is up and running correctly and is more appealing to the eye.

I hear the best way to getting published is to get involved with publishers that are just starting up. So now here’s your chance!!

P.S. The about page is not accessible currently for people without a username, therefore you have only what I wrote above as information to what you will find on the site. I’ll contact Suraya (the publisher in NZ) to see if she is willing to change this. You can also find here on LinkedIn if you want to chat to her first: or email at

Writers at the Convent Festival

27 October 2011 1 comment

Save the date! The Readers Feast Bookstore is holding its 5th annual Writers at the Convent festival on 10-12 February 2012 at the Abbotsford Convent. This event is considered Melbourne’s “premier summer celebration of reading, writing, books and ideas.

From the website:

Patrons, authors, publishers, and booksellers appreciate the natural beauty, the historical setting, the vibrant convent community and the facilities and food providers. The Abbotsford Convent has that rare quality of being able to accommodate an enormous number of people whilst at the same time giving the feeling of being an intimate setting where readers and writers can interact.

There are volunteer opportunities for those who want to get more involved with the festival, meet fellow writers and readers, and contribute.

To view the 2011 programme and learn more about volunteering, visit their website for more details at

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