Manuscript Submissons – Momentum Publishing

Another great opportunity for those with a fully written and edited manuscript!




Momentum, Australia’s first major digital imprint, is open to submissions. Our aim is to publish books that find an audience with digital readers all over the world.

Our submission guidelines are below. Please read them in full before submitting. If you have questions, you can find the answers on our About page. If not, you can email us at

Momentum Monday

Momentum accepts submissions weekly on Mondays between 12.00 am and 11.59 pm AEST (Australian Eastern Standard Time) to the email address Outside of these hours, submissions received will be automatically deleted, so please do not send your manuscript outside of this time. We will read all submissions, but unfortunately can only respond to those we would like to pursue further. If you have not heard back from us within one month (four weeks), please assume that we have decided not to proceed with your submision.

After submitting, you should receive an automated response. If you are concerned that your submission was not received, please check your junk mail filter for this automated email. If you did not receive this automated email, please email us at with the title of your submission and the date you sent it to confirm receipt.

How to Submit

Please only submit queries for manuscripts that are completed and polished. Your submission must be in the following format. If any element is missing your submission may not be reviewed.

The subject line of your email should be in the format:”[TITLE] [AUTHOR NAME] [GENRE]

Please attach one [1] Microsoft Word document in .doc or .docx format with the file name [TITLE] [AUTHOR] that includes the following:

The first page should include a brief, introductory query letter listing genre, word count, contact details (including email address and phone number) and a short description (no more than 400 words) of the book, as well as any pertinent information about the author, which may include the legal name and pen name, any writing credits, social media links, blog readership statistics etc.

A two to five page synopsis of the book that details character development, plot and conflict / story resolution.

The first four chapters or sections (or 5000 words, whichever comes first) of your manuscript.

What We’re Looking For

Momentum is open to publishing fiction and non-fiction in most traditional and non-traditional genres. This includes new and previously published shorter length stories, essays and journalism between 15,000 to 50,000 words, genre novels and non-fiction between 50,000 to 100,000 words and longer and complex narratives of over 100,000 words.

What We’re Not Looking For

Momentum is not currently seeking heavily illustrated books, books for children or graphic novels.


We are particularly interested in publishing fiction that works well digitally. This currently includes science fiction (hard and soft), fantasy (epic and urban), speculative fiction, romance, mysteries, thrillers, crossover young adult, crime and horror. However, we are willing to accept submissions in other genres.

We like fiction with a global focus. Extremely local or parochial fiction based in Australia (or elsewhere) will struggle to find a home with an international readership. Having said this, a story is a story. If your book is set locally but has universal themes and will work anywhere, please consider sending it in.


We publish a wide variety of non-fiction. We are particularly interested in memoir, true crime, travel, health and fitness, cookbooks, long-form journalism and how-to guides. For non-narrative non-fiction (e.g. how-to guides and cookbooks), your submission will be enhanced if you have developed a readership for your work online via social media or blogging.

Previously Published

Momentum also publishes books digitally that may have been previously published, but where the author has either retained digital rights or had rights revert to them. To submit previously published material, please send an email to with the subject line: [TITLE OF YOUR BOOK] [YOUR NAME] PREVIOUSLY PUBLISHED with a digital file of your book attached. If you cannot submit your book digitally because you do not have a digital file, please send a detailed email in the same format as above. Please note that submissions of previously published work are not subject to the other submission guidelines below and you will receive a response within two weeks.

Is your question not answered here? Please check out our About page for more information.

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