Professional Writing Business For Sale

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Professional Writing Business For Sale

Please also pass onto anyone who might be interested.

Established 2005; specialising in real estate newsletters*, profiles, articles and lifestyle content (NOT property ads). Client list with regular, scheduled work (fortnightly, monthly, etc) for steady income. Less than FT, unlimited potential, ready marketing materials & website with Page 1 Google ranking! 2015 turnover: $86k+. Some jobs generate $200 per hour. Selling for $59,000. (Main client is the fastest-growing real estate company in Australasia. Ride the wave.) Work from existing office or your home/office for lower overheads. Suits independent writer, stay at home mum, or company looking to expand.

Includes if Desired: Business name; comprehensive, persuasive website designed by SEO expert for high Google ranking; e-library of 5,000+ previously written articles and items for fast, no-fuss content; e-library of $5,000+ images; extensive business development and lead generator folders/databases; access to admin support staff, writers and students/interns on work experience basis (though business is easily operated by one person; transition period with my support.

*Newsletters are technically simple and emailed directly to clients in simple text format or as pdfs, so no fancy design, layout or computer skills required (if I can, anyone can…). The business also attracts stand-alone jobs (profiles, webcopy and more).

Very low overheads (after phone & internet connection, there’s little else, especially if operating solo from your existing premises); close to one month off per year (Dec/Jan) if you’re organised.

Please call Julia: 0402 071 764.

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Facts to Fiction 1 day course

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Facts to Fiction 1 day course

Saturday 16 April, 10-4pm

Turn the bones of fact into credible, full-bodied fiction with biographer and novelist Lisa Lang. Writing exercises, readings and guided discussions plus Lisa will share everything she wished she’d known before she wrote her first novel. Course held at 100 Story Building, Footscray

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BOOK THIS MONTH with Faber Writing Academy at Allen & Unwin

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Writing a Novel course at 



16 Feb-10 May, Tuesday evenings


Two successful authors deliver weekly workshops helping you create a strong first draft plus individual consultations and an agent session. For tutor biographies of Toni Jordan and Paddy O’Reilly, the content of each session and how to apply click here [ ]

Melbourne Student successes include Sally Abbott (2012 course graduate) winning the Richell Prize for Emerging Writers and Michelle Wright (2015 graduate) signing a two book deal with Allen & Unwin. For more success stories and course testimonials go to

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Money, Murder, Clowns, and Corruption

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You haven’t seen Melbourne properly until you’ve experienced the show that gives you everything.

A show written by

Mat Clarke

Question: What kind of show are you looking for?
Answer: Something different. Something where I’m not just sitting around wondering when the show will end.

Question: What do you like about going to the cinemas?
Answer: I get food and drink while I’m being entertained.

Question: What would make a show better than just being there and watching?
Answer: Being involved in the show. Working out clues and puzzles to move further into the game.

Question: No, what would make this show even better???
Answer: If everyone was dressed up in the show, if there was a mystery to solve, if I got a drink during the show, if there was cake, if there was a mute clown, a weird reference to my childhood, and definitely a guy in a bow tie, oh and give me a finale that I will remember forever. And I want someone to serve us drinks, too.

And so it will be done.
Join us for “THE BAD MONEY”, it’s fun on a different playing field.

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Melbourne Show

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A new show is going to begin in October!

Written by Mat Clarke, it will be a show that is also a mystery, that is also a puzzle, that is also a tour. Even if you live in Melbourne, you are still going to see things you have never seen before (even if it’s just the crazy actors), and have a good time.

This is the website:

Also, if you are an actor or funny person you may want to audition to be in the show!

Email Mat Clarke for details:

Pitching at Writers Digest 2015

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Here we are at the other side of Pitch Slam at Writers Digest 2015 New York City. 
What happened today?

I went to a couple of talks, but only semi-listened because I was mostly thinking about pitching.

Lined up to enter the pitch 40 minutes early. Chatted to another Aussie I happened to stand next to out of 100 people, and then marked on my sheet where the agents I want to see will be sitting.

Then i entered and it was absolutely crazy!
Thriller Fest pitching was crazy as well, but you had a few minutes time to yourself if you needed it. I did feel like I had been awake for 22 days straight toward the end, however. But I felt like I had achieved something. A marathon, let’s say.
The WD pitch was like a sprint. And not a long sprint. It was a sprint across a street! Then on the other side someone slaps you in the face and says, That’s it you’re done, it’s over.
What I’m saying is, it was only an hour long at WD, and much time was standing in line or trying to find a short line. 
If I had only come for one event I would have been disappointed. I’m glad I came for both and had more opportunity.

I now have another 5 emails to send to agents from attending WD. However, only 2 were really interested.
Imagine flying over to the US from Australia and getting those small results.
ThrillerFest was for thriller writers, so I had more success, but I also had lots more time to pitch to more agents.

I had 8 agents to send my manuscript to after TF. However, only 5 were really interested.
Your findings may have been different. 
Let me know.

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Writers Digest Conference 2015 NY

1 August 2015 Leave a comment

So, the half day begins for the next conference. 

It began much like ThrillerFest, and even has a few of the same people. 

One good thing, which would have been nice for the start of the last conference I attended, was that they began with how to pitch to the agent or publisher face to face. Which is tomorrow, around midday. 

This will give everyone time to remaster their pitch.

Last time, I was reworking my pitch while standing in the line to see the agents. It was crazy, but I got it done and had a high success rate. 

So today is listening to info in the function rooms, such as: I’m listening on how to write for magazines. 

Tomorrow is the part where we actually pitch. The nerves, the heart beating so hard it may pop, the stretched face from smiling more than normal. The business cards, the saying of “umm” a lot. 

More on this and the results on Saturday. 


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