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Do you need someone to read over your work?

Have you exhausted all friends and family and you now don’t think they will be able to give you an objective view?

Would you like a point of view from someone from the other side of the world?

Is your dialogue working?

Is your first sentence going to catch people’s attention quickly enough?

Is the ending great?

Is the sentence structure ok?

Why not drop your story inside here and have someone read your work!

It’s FREE!


Read the READ ME file to find out more 🙂


Ooooh wow, a writing competition.

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Join in and write.Join in and write.Support the World Writers Collective so they can publish you.
$100 cash prize, plus your story at the top of the website with the other top 5 winners. And a big chance of winning because this is a new competition with very few entries 🙂
Also, let other writers help you with editing.You can do this by editing your story as much as you can, then putting it in Dropbox so others can check it over for you.For instructions go to our competitions page.

Publish Your Book or Story

25 September 2017 Leave a comment

Not sure what to do with your book now that it is complete and edited?

Or maybe you’ve written some poetry or short stories and want to get it out there?

Or you need to establish a presence online as a writer, but creating a blog is getting you no where.

Well, now there is place you can go and join with other writers and attract readers to you!

Become one of the World Writers Collective members and change your status from unknown to KNOWN today!


Writing: Plot and Conflict

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Plot and Conflict
What are the essential elements within a story?
What is the start, middle, and ending or a story?
What is plot?
What is conflict?
What is a story arc?
And how is a climax of a story defined?
Then, how do you keep people interested in your plot, how do you create characters that people will have a vested interest in, what is the meaning of life?

These and many other similar questions appear to be unsolvable. At least that is what it feels like when you are preparing to write a great story. Or are even in the middle of writing a story. Hell, sometimes you question all these things after the story has been written!

There are soooooo many answers to these questions, but often they are hard to understand because they are also often subjective rather than objective definitions. Regardless, I”m going to at least begin with some information on plot and conflict as I see it. You should also do your own research and see what you think is correct for you.

Plot appears to be your “moving from A to B” story. It is what happens in a story and creates your underlining theme of a story. For example in a crime or mystery, there is a person killing people. Then the person is caught by police.

Simple, right? However, you would often add something more to this considering the plot looks a little thin. So maybe add a C in there as well, so it becomes A to B to C.
A: Person killing people.
B: Character(s) hunt down killer.
C: Police character catches killer.

What about other plots?
A person is growing up in the outback, then moves to the city and finds that he or she likes it there more.
A horse is being trained to be fast, but then eventually becomes the rider’s best friend and they decide to not go in the big race for fear of injury to the horse.

Plot seems to involve a conflict as well as a climax (climax is when a major decision is made) that determines what the plot outcome will be. Plot also draws a reader into the story and makes the reader want to know about the lives of the characters so that they can understand the decisions they make. Generally, what the main character wants, needs, or is even avoiding becomes the outome of that situation, which is the plot.

The decision the character makes, or one that is made for them by circumstance, is essentially the conflict within the story. This is what creates the tension within a story and leads to the climax. It is the problem/dilema/change of life that will take place. And it is also what creates the story arc. And it does not have to be a negative and positve force, It can be 2 positive things that conflict: Becomming a lawyer or becomming a doctor. However, more conflict will likely be added because that is a pretty thin conflict.

All these elemnts appear entwined and have trouble not co-existing without each other, like a deconstructed burger at a hipster cafe. However, if you want it to be a burger . . . a really good burger, then you need all the pieces together so that the reader enjoys eating the burger and is satisfied with the flavour throughout the story.
I may have gotten too involved with the anology there, but I think I’ll let it stand as is.

If you have an opinion, whether it be different or the same, feel free to add comments.


If you would like to guest post on the Melbourne Writers Group Blog, here are the rules:
1) it can’t be about you. It has to be about writing that will help with other people’s writing.
2) it has to be factual unless you add the words: this is my opinion. And also add other helpful information such as links to web sites that your opinion is based on if you can. Or add why you believe this, and that you are open to discussions on your opinion.
3) Personal experiences are fine, but don’t dwell on them, keep to the details on what you want to say that you think will help with other people’s writing efforts.
4) No preaching. Don’t tell people what they should do. Suggestions are fine.
5) No info for the sole purpose of getting people to buy something from you or go to your website.

Contact Mat Clarke at: matclarke.author@gmail.com to add to this blog. Thanks.

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Jacqueline Cripps: “WTF Is Happening With My Life?” Book Launch

23 April 2017 Leave a comment

Join the hilariously honest Jacqueline at Brighton library in Victoria as she guides you through her journey of getting her sh*t together!

Sunday, April 30, 2017


2.00pm – Drinks and nibbles
2.30pm – Author talk with Jacqueline
3.00pm – Book signing
4.00pm – Event close.

For the launch only, all attendees can get Jacqueline’s debut novel at a special discounted price of $25!


Getting Published 1 day course

28 June 2016 Leave a comment

Getting Published 1 day course

Saturday 23 July, 10 – 4 pm

‘It was great how she gave so much information in such a short time, precisely and clearly. The course absolutely met my expectations and way above and is definitely value for money.’ – Amanda, Melbourne, 2015. Sarah Menary, who visited us at Café Giraffe on Saturday 18 June, also rates this course highly. Find out what really goes on inside a publishing house, how publishers make their choices and how to improve one’s chances of publication. The program will include sessions on sure-fire proposals, editing your first page, opening chapters, how to write a great covering letter and the top ten reasons manuscripts are rejected.



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Professional Writing Business For Sale – Price Reduced

Professional Writing Business For Sale – Price Reduced

Established 2005; specialising in real estate newsletters*, profiles, articles and lifestyle content (NOT property ads). Client list with regular, scheduled work (fortnightly, monthly, etc) for steady income. Less than FT, unlimited potential, ready marketing materials & website with Page 1 Google ranking! 2015 turnover: $86k+. Some jobs generate $200 per hour. Was $59,000; now excellent price of $49,000. (Main client is the fastest-growing real estate company in Australasia. Ride the wave.) Work from existing office or your home/office for lower overheads. Suits independent writer, stay at home mum, or company looking to expand. Includes if Desired: Business name; comprehensive, persuasive website designed by SEO expert for high Google ranking; e-library of 5,000+ previously written articles and items for fast, no-fuss content; e-library of 5,000+ images; extensive business development and lead generator folders/databases; access to admin support staff, writers and students/interns on work experience basis (though business is easily operated by one person for greater profitability; transition period with my support. *Newsletters are technically simple and emailed directly to clients in simple text format or as pdfs, so no fancy design, layout or computer skills required (if I can, anyone can…). The business also attracts stand-alone jobs (profiles, webcopy and more). Very low overheads (after phone & internet connection, there’s little else, especially if operating solo from your existing premises); close to one month off per year (Dec/Jan) if you’re organised.

Call Julia on 0402 071 764.

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